And So It Begins…

Many people pledge ‘New Year, New Me’ and for some it sticks. But for others, 2 weeks in and they’re done with the resolutions. Last year this was me. The usual plan to get fit, eat well and sort out my health went down the toilet after only a couple of days, but this year is different.

After being told I had an intolerance to dairy 5 years ago, I changed the way I ate and by doing so, cleared up my skin and lost a fair amount of weight. Since then, dairy slowly creeped back into my diet and today I find myself eating what I want, when I want. This has to stop and by creating this blog, I’ve found a channel to share my progress in getting back to being a healthier, happier person.

I’ll be sharing recipes that I’ve experimented with in order to show that being dairy free doesn’t mean that food has to be taste free. I look forward to seeing my own progress and the differences that cutting out dairy can make to my life.